FS2020 MCDU Max Screen Overlay for FlybyWire A320

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FS2020 MCDU Max Screen Overlay for FlybyWire A320

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Hi all,

I have adapted my MCDU from X-Plane Flightfactor A320 to FS2020 FlybyWire A320. You may use it as an alternative to Yves @ylevesque instrument. Yves, I used your event codes. I hope that is ok.
The illuminations should work with Alexander Hildmanns @catflyer38 A320 panel for the FbW A320.

My eye sight is not the best, that is why I like instruments as readable as possible on the monitor. That is the main reason why I adapted my FF version. Another reason is, that I like the checklist feature.

I did not do much flying. So there may be some flaws I did not see.

Here is the instrument:
Airbus A320 FlyByWire - MCDU Max Screen Overlay.siff
(790.67 KiB) Downloaded 86 times

-- Detlef von Reusner
-- A320 FMGS MCDU Overlay with Checklist
-- March 31 2022 V100

-- FS2020 overlay for the Flight Management Guidance System MCDU of the FlyByWire A320 Aircraft.
-- Popout the MCDU in the Aircraft and move it below this frame.

-- Special features:

-- - Checklist: Edit items in lua source code (see AddList() function) for your needs.
-- Use the MCDU MENU page for the checklist.

-- - Day and night illumination depending on daytime, domelight and integral light settings

-- - If you use the A320 Instruments from Yves Levesque and Alex Hildmann, use "Manual" in the User Properties,
-- if you want to use the dial knobs on the pedestal

----------------- History: -----------

-- Nov 7 2021 V102 (for FlightFactor A320)
-- Delayed depress, so a button may just be pressed very short
-- Nov 2021 Checklist feature added - modify texts see AddList() calls
-- Use MCDU page for checklist operation

-- Nov 2021 Rework of the instrument artwork, with night lighting
-- March 2022 - adapted for FS2020 FlyByWire A320. Events based on MCDU instrument from Yves Levesque

Thank you

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