FS2020 Variable Scanner

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FS2020 Variable Scanner

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Hi all,

those of you who work on FS2020 instruments might find this instrument helpful. It is my first version. I am thinking about working on it some more so that it is easy to not only read simulator variables but also write values to variables.

Let me know what you think. Here is the instrument and the comment from its .lua file.

Generic - Variable Scanner-v100.siff
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-- Detlef von Reusner
-- April 10 2022 V1.00

-- FS2020 Variable scanner (FS2020 default vars and FbW A320 Lvars)

This Airmanager instrument is not an instrument for an aircraft but a tool helping instrument developers.
This variable scanner shows the current values of FS2020 variables.



The tool is limited in the number of variables it can listen to. About 1500.
So you need to use FILTER IN and FILTER OUT buttons, until you are below that number.
Use the comma button to seperate fields. For example:
will include all variables that contain TEMP and ENG in their name but not L:
Press GO to see the results of your filter.

Define a filter: letters, digits, /:_ and press GO

When you are satisfied with the filter press READ VALUES.

If you turn the clutter button, you can adjust the threshold for blending out variables changing too fast or not at all.
Press the clutter button to start. Press again to stop.


The variables maybe default variables or Lvar local variables.
The scanner can only show variables that it finds in the file fs2020_vars.csv

The file must be in the resources folder of the instrument.
It is read as static data. The format must be a CSV file with a header line.

Header line in the CSV file: Type,Subtype,Name,Value
All other lines must contain contents in the given format.

Possible Types: L (for Lvars), H (for Hvars); D (for Default)
Possible Subtypes: F (for float), S (for string), U (for unknown) not really supported at this time


Change History:
V1.00 April 10 2022 - Initial version. Only L and D types make sense right now. The subtype is ignored.
I have generated the Lvar variable list for FlyByWire A320 with FSUIPC. Other aircrafts are possible to do.
The default variable list is just from the index in the official MS FS2020 support side.

Thank you

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Re: FS2020 Variable Scanner

#2 Post by foxbau »

Thank you Detlef, lets make a phonecall next week.
George from Munich
From Munich, George

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