Sandel SN3500 HSI

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Sandel SN3500 HSI

#1 Post by peterB »

Hi, would anyone fancy kicking the tyres on this before I submit it to the store?
Generic - Sandel SN3500.siff
(242.05 KiB) Downloaded 228 times
I've only tried it on Air Manager V4 with Prepar3d V4 so far, but I guess that means it should work on FSX.
No support for xplane or anything else as I only have access to Prepar3d.

I've been using the attached manual as a reference:
(1.3 MiB) Downloaded 236 times
I think the navigation view with cdi and glideslope displays a coherent picture, but I'm not the worlds greatest expert on it, so it may not be right.

The Buttons on the instrument should all work:
NAV - Switch between Nav and Nav2
MAP - Display some simple map data - GPS waypoints, airports, Navaids and NDBs.
CLR - Clear or reinstate the map display
BRG - Select bearing pointers for Nav1 and/or Nav2
VUE - switch between 70 and 360 degree views.
Arrow buttons - Increase/decrease the range for the map view.

Heading bug dial and course pointer dial should both work.

Any feedback that would help get it into the store would be appreciated.

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Re: Sandel SN3500 HSI

#2 Post by navymustang »

Hi, I installed your instrument and it is a great start. I am showing some issues and don't mind at all providing them to you. But clogging up the forum with bug reports is bad. Let me know how to send you information.

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Re: Sandel SN3500 HSI

#3 Post by peterB »

Hi Jim,

Thanks for taking the trouble to try it out.
If you could send me a pm describing the issues you found that would be great.



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Re: Sandel SN3500 HSI

#4 Post by mafeistswiss »

Hi Peter,
an news on this post?
I'm new on the forum and also new customer of Siminnovations. I bought the Airmanager last week.

Reason is: I would like to create a Panel which is identical with my panel in the real world. I have a Rockwell Commander 112TC and I'm using the Sandel Device SN3308.

PM forum.
my Mobile Number for Whatsapp: +41 79 xxxxx
Would be great to get in vontact with you.


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