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Mode Creation

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Hi All, I'm new to the world of KnobFS and I'm just trying to create a simple mode, that only has to press a single button.
I called it G1000 Dir To because the only thing to do is press the Direct To button on the G1000 (and hopefully similar).
I found what it looks to be the right Event Id on the Sdk page:
- G1000_MFD_DIRECTTO_BUTTON - Turn to the Direct To page

I created this json file :
"name": "G1000 Dir To",
"minor_cw_code": "",
"minor_ccw_code": "",
"major_cw_code": "",
"major_ccw_code": "",
"button_released_code": "(>H:G1000_MFD_DIRECTTO_BUTTON)",
"order": 808000
It is being loaded inside the sim (after stop/start of the service) but it does not trigger the expected event, it does not perform any action.
I did the same exact thig in X-plane 12 and it worked (of course with the corresponding command in the other sim and KnobXP).
What am I doing wrong? Is there anything missing?
And a question : how do I know if I have to use >H or >K? The event list does not mention this.
Thank you in advance!

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