documentation clarification _translate

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documentation clarification _translate

#1 Post by CirrusSRPilot »

Please update the documentation wiki on the _translate function:

If the translate function is called multiple times within a canvas_draw will the translation be cumulative or is it referenced to the original canvas location?

ie does

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_translate (0,100)
_translate (0,100)
_line_to (0,100)
start the line at (0,100) or (0,200)?

Please advise if there is a different location to post documentation questions

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Re: documentation clarification _translate

#2 Post by Keith Baxter »

All the following are cumulative from their last position. _rotate() _translate() and _scale(). This is in the wiki. ... _translate

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 -- From this point everything is drawn with a x offset of 100
  _translate(100, 0)
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