Problem with selection mode

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Problem with selection mode

#1 Post by Flynis »

I have the problem, that my Knobster sometimes switches into "selection Mode" (green), even when I press it very shortly. It seems kind of random. Sometimes it runs the command, somtimes goes into selection mode. Also it doesn't easily go back into the blue mode.
Anybody facing the same problem? Or maybe its my Knob...

It would be very nice, if the user could change the time needed to get to the selection mode. For me it could aswell be 2 Seconds so it doesn't change by accident. Is there any way to customize that?

Any Ideas someone?


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Re: Problem with selection mode

#2 Post by Ralph »

I can send you an application that shows the button press and dial actions. That way you can see what it does.

Have you tried a different USB cable and/or port?

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