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The Artful Dodger
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Looking For a Link

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I am now at the stage of working on my Attitude display and, when I look at how others have solved the problem it looks like some trig is involved. The trig doesn't bother me but where do all of the constants come from? For example:

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-- Move horizon pitch
    pitch = var_cap(pitch,-30,30)
    radial = math.rad(roll * -1)
    x = -(math.sin(radial) * pitch * 4.25)
    y = (math.cos(radial) * pitch * 4.25)
    move(img_horizon, x-100, y-246, nil, nil)
    move(img_horizondeg, x-100, y-246, nil, nil)

When I see other solutions I see various values used (like 4.25 in the example above) but without explanation as to where they came from. Has someone done a video or a short tutorial on how one goes about solving this problem? Any help would be most appreciated!


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Re: Looking For a Link

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Those are a sort of multiplication factors to get the pitch at the correct position (number of pixels). This depends on the size of the instrument for example. It's no exact science, it's just filling something in until it matches.

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