Use AFL Data Ref to modify guage

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Re: Use AFL Data Ref to modify guage

#11 Post by silentfrog »

Hi, new user here, I might be totally off the mark.

Nik201 can you confirm your gauge is accurate?

I've just stated playing with the AFL KA350 as well, having problems with a couple of DataRefs including KA350/ianim/gauges/lEngITT

Multiplying the value by a single constant and then feeding it into the logic of the KA300 gauge doesn't give accurate results for me.

I gave Keith's suggestion a try and it seems to work, it feels dirty but it works :)

Code: Select all

local temp_map = { {.529, 560},
             {.540, 575},
             {.656, 678},
             {.739, 745},
             {.753, 758} }
-- Functions
function new_itttemp(itttemp)

    temp = interpolate_linear(temp_map, itttemp)
    if temp >= 1001 then
        rotate(img_needle, 30 / 200 * (temp - 1001) + 270)
    elseif temp >= 601 then
        rotate(img_needle, 180 / 400 * (temp - 601) + 90)
    elseif temp >= 401 then
        rotate(img_needle, 60 / 200 * (temp - 401) + 30)
    elseif temp >= 200 then
        rotate(img_needle, 30 / 200 * (temp - 200) )

temp_map is in the format {KA350/ianim/gauges/lEngITT, value of the ITT gauge seen rendered}

Might need more data points for temp_map but it's quite good already.. I would love to figure out how to properly transform the KA350/ianim/gauges/lEngITT value though.

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Keith Baxter
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Re: Use AFL Data Ref to modify guage

#12 Post by Keith Baxter »


Yes the "interpolate" can be expressed as dirty in your opinion.
However it is a table and can have many layers.

There are math alternative, We would all welcome and appreciate these should anyone have input.

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Re: Use AFL Data Ref to modify guage

#13 Post by jph »

It's not a dirty solution at all, it is perfectly acceptable as there is not a mathematical relationship in most of these gauges due to either the sensor or gauge scale non linearity. The sensors and transducers are almost always provided with lookup tables from the manufacturer of the sensor due to the readings being consistently non linear and consistently irregular in progression ;)
Even if you drill down to some semi magical math formula that mostly works then it will almost certainly not on the next unit.
Arrays (table in lua) and interpolation is absolutely fine.
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Re: Use AFL Data Ref to modify guage

#14 Post by Nik201 »

Hi Nik201 here...
Sorry for my delay... Been redecorating the house!! So, to answer your question about accurate readings... I did look and as I recall it's with limits.. since you asked I'll have another check.. will advise.
Will be back .

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Re: Use AFL Data Ref to modify guage

#15 Post by silentfrog »

"Dirty" may not have been the best word to have used, I wasn't expecting a workable solution to be presented so quickly and assumed there would be a deep rabbit hole of new knowledge what would take me hours to figure out, no offensive intended :)

I was impressed at how accurate the results were with only a few data points, though I need do need to make sure the max and min values are covered so nothing odd is observed during startup and shutdown. Cheers for the info, it's going to be a useful tool :D

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