The best instrument panel tool on the market.

Air Manager is an application which allows you to create your own 2D flight simulator panels. You can run it on the same computer as your flight simulator, or on a seperate computer. It will automatically connect to your X-Plane, FS2020, FSX or Prepar3D flight simulator on your local network. Choose your panel from one of the included 23 pre-made panels, or create your own from a library of more than 1100 free instruments. Is the instrument you are looking for not in our library? No problem, you can create your own by using our simple API in combination with the Lua scripting language.

iPad or Android tablet

Using Air Manager for iPad or Android tablet, you can stop using your mouse or keyboard to interact with the instrument panel. Simply load up your aircraft panel from within Air Manager, and use your fingers to manipulate frequencies, switches etc.

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PC with touch screen(s)

Exterminate mice from your cockpit! Combine Air Manager with an off-the-shelf touch monitor for a more realistic experience. Control dials, switches and buttons either with your hand, or in combination with the Knobster.
Choose from more then 30 panels and 1200 instruments to create your own ultimate instrument panel layout.

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Professional simulator cockpit

Do you dream of clearing out your garage and building the ultimate cockpit? Or do you want to build your own FAA or EASA certified simulator? You can with Air Manager. It takes care of the instrumentation and hardware components, including real aviation hardware. Air Manager is also compatible with Flight Illusion and RealSimGear hardware.

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Let's get physical!

Air Manager connects to Arduino’s and the Raspberry Pi Pico, letting you interface with the flight simulator through easy but powerful Lua scripting.
Create your own script, or choose from an ever growing library of pre-made hardware scripts. Easy physi!

For those who want to step it up a notch, there is a library which integrates into your own Arduino IDE sketch.
Giving you full flexibility and making anything possible. Your imagination is the limit.

Enhance your VR experience

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Increase immersion by adding a Knobster to your VR setup. It allows easy control of dials and switches, like GPS control and frequency adjustments.

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