Generic switches Toliss A321 for touchscreen

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Generic switches Toliss A321 for touchscreen

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There are some superb implementations of instruments and panels for aircraft reproducing the cockpit in detail.
This takes a different approach in that the instruments can be seen in the sim itself but enables a simple touch screen to carry out the majority of functions when flying.
I doubt most sim screens are touch themsleves so in the sim this would necessitate getting the mouse and with some precision clicking on the cockpit view.
Having a touchscreen nearby makes most cockpit actions quicker and easier.
Obviously some functions can be added to keyboard, joystick etc but this gives better visual feedback and does not require remembering where they all are.
It is work in progress and I guess there will be different views on what should be added to the buttons or switches but here is a starter for 10.
There also seems to be no instruments for the A321 from Toliss in Air Manager so maybe useful for those simmers. It can easily be adapted for FFA320
Happy to provide an export if needed for testing.
Picture of it in use highlighted in LtBlue

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