FS2020 Keyboard Stroke Generation?

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FS2020 Keyboard Stroke Generation?

#1 Post by wazooda »

Is it possible with AM 4 to send keyboard strokes to FS2020 with AM 4? I'm using the Working Title G1000nxi mod since it is the closest to a G6 Perspective+ and it has the ability to use the keyboard for entering FPL waypoints. I'd like to have a GCU479 panel emulate a keyboard to enter the data on the QWERTY pad.

I appreciate all the help as I learn this amazing product,


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Re: FS2020 Keyboard Stroke Generation?

#2 Post by Ralph »

No, we're also not going to introduce that, sorry.

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Re: FS2020 Keyboard Stroke Generation?

#3 Post by Keith Baxter »


Using a standard keyboard is not possible as @Ralph says. However using a tablet is.
I have these GCU479 combos in the store for the HMB and Torquesim SR2x G6 aiframes and @russ has the HMB SR22T qwerty keypad. There is no reason why a simple keyboard instrument could not made.

If MSFS2020 has the necessary events then it is possible.

It is also possible to build a 3D printed keyboard using tactile push buttons and an arduino with the "Button array" function.

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Re: FS2020 Keyboard Stroke Generation?

#4 Post by wazooda »

Hey @Keith Baxter ,

Unfortunately, MSFS2020 does not have a GCU479 so there is no way to send events that emulate the QWERTY keyboards like your excellent Xplane version.

On the flip side, the G1000 emulation in Xplane is very basic which is why the Working Title G1000NXI MOD is so fantastic. Closest I've seen to my actual Perspective+ in my SR20.

I guess I'll make do with rotary knob entry until someone, hopefully, makes a true GCU479 for MSFS2020.



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Re: FS2020 Keyboard Stroke Generation?

#5 Post by jph »

you 'could' accomplish it using messageport an arduino with a 32u2 on board. Use the serial(1) for messageport and also run the Arduino USB Keyboard stack.
That way the PC sees an external USB HID keyboard and you have full control over it via AM via messageport.
Everything is possible (mostly ;) )
You could use AM to control ANY keypresses in this way for any aspect of any flight sim.
The same can be done with a USB HID game controller where AM has full control over any aspect of the axis and buttons.

AM is incredibly powerful.

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