Rotary Encoders et al.

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Rotary Encoders et al.

#1 Post by MNTrailBoss »

Head scratcher here. Building my second Sim panel so I have already gone through the basics. On this second panel I'm simply going a bit further by adding hardware elements like switches, lights, etc. Hooking everything to an Arduino Mega. None of my steam gauge rotary encoders work. I've verified ground and disconnected/connected one at a time to try and identify issue. Sometimes the "hardware" elements work (Nav light sw, mast battery, flaps), sometimes not. Verified Arduino connectivity as well at least it's showing connected -- plus *something* always works -- not consistently, but not a single encoder has ever worked.

I must admit that I am also struggling with the Home tab vs the Create/Edit tab. I know the Home tab is there for visual orientation of the instruments that show on the screen, but here is another weird thing. My flap "hardware" element was added and I chose the 3-position switch option using add instrument from the Home tab. But in Create/Edit tab only the 2-position switch is showing as being an option. It's like there are two different flap objects in there. If I delete from Create/Edit, it comes back. If I delete from Home tab, it is gone -- so, ... I'm thinking I have more than one issue. But I'd like to know if there is a way to test the rotary encoders on things like the Altimeter, AH, etc. outside of running X-plane all the time -- perhaps with the run/stop buttons in create/edit -- they sometimes work with the hardware bits (switches) but don't seem to work with the instruments -- or perhaps my common problem is not letting me test in Create/Edit, as well as when running the sim....



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Re: Rotary Encoders et al.

#2 Post by Ralph »

You're looking at hardware properties for the default 2 way switch in the last screenshot. Those changing hardware properties do not work in the Create/Edit tab, only in the Home tab.
That might be something we have to modify in a future version, to make the Create/Edit tab behave the same as the Home tab in that sense.

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